Rachel Dax is a writer and filmmaker.

Rachel grew up in Birmingham, UK and went on to study Philosophy & Theology at University of London. After several years teaching and gaining an MA in Philosophy and Religion, she then moved to Wales and pursued a career in Drama and did a BA in Theatre & Media and an MA in Filmmaking.

Rachel is author of the novel After The Night – a sweeping lesbian love story set in a British prison in 1960, which examines homophobic prejudices and societal pressures alongside the romantic narrative.

Rachel is currently writing the third book of her trilogy The Legend Of Pope Joan – a fast-paced, gender-bending, medieval drama. Part 1. Frankia and Part 2. Athens were released in 2013 and Part 3. Rome is due in autumn 2014.

Rachel Dax is also a filmmaker. She has written, produced, directed and edited several short films, many of which have had thousands of hits on the internet. She also has various feature film projects in development with her company DaxiTales Ltd..

Film, theatre, literature, music, philosophy, religion and LGBTQ identities are her primary interests. If she is not making a film, directing a play or writing a novel, you will find Rachel lying on the sofa reading a great book or enjoying a good drama.

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